1. HW Product related
What is the main difference of MOTi features compared to other wearable devices in the market?
Ans: For motion sensing and recognition

Does MOTi still auto recognize different workouts and count reps well if MOTi is not put in the right position and direction?
Ans: Please make sure MOTi is put in the right position and direction as shown in the quick start guide or MOTi will not work well.

Does MOTi have water proof and can be used in water?
Ans: MOTi has water proof and meet IPX4 level which means MOTi could resist water or liquid from splashing or sweating. But MOTi cannot be used in water, please do not use MOTi in water.

2. app related
How many exercises that MOTi can recognize?
Ans: there are 18 different workouts MOTi can recognize plus pedometer. More will come in future and please email us workouts you love to see with MOTi at service@jmex.com.tw

How am I assured that MOTi is in the right position and ready for starting workout?
Ans: When MOTi is in the right position and ready for workout, the light will be on for 2 seconds once function key is pressed. Red light on means wrist workouts are ready; purple light on means upper arm workouts are ready; blue light on mean ankle workouts are ready. Please be noted that light only keeps on for 2 seconds in each part of body.

Any instruction or demonstration for 18 different workouts?
Ans: please click “Coach” on the main page of App and you will see 18 different icons categorized by wrist, arm and ankle. You will see instruction and animation once a single icon is clicked.

How many MOTi can be connected with my mobile device?
Ans: only one MOTi can be connected with your mobile device and it could auto recognize your exercises and reps among 18 different workouts provided.

Since MOTi could auto recognize different workouts and reps, do I need to send workouts result directly to mobile device whenever a workout is done?
Ans: we suggest you to send result to mobile device before you move a distance for next workout or to take a break. However, you may send results to mobile device at one time when all workouts are done in the same place/position.